Bitrix exam: did it
I thought, that all my exams was gone along with the diploma defence. No such luck! One day I received a task to get missing Bitrix certificates and to take one of the exams...
12 in 1: all work tools under the same roof
Are you familiar with the situation where you need a separate tool for each operating task? When you need to open a corporate instant messenger to communicate with colleagues...
The implementations quality control system by 1C-Bitrix
In this article, we will talk about the quality of the site and how to get a high-quality product for your money. Quality - is a complex issue, which has different meanings in different contexts...
How to place off-the-shelf solution on the Bitrix Marketplace and save your time?
What is the Bitrix Marketplace? The Marketplace is a 1C-Bitrix tool, which allows developers to share their solutions to a broad audience of customers and other developers. What kind of solutions?
Off-the-shelf solutions for your business
If you are a business owner or just going to become one, the first thing that bothers you is where to look for customers. Nowadays the Internet is one of the best tools for the searching for clients...
Affiliate network 1C-Bitrix
It is no secret that the entire business is built on relationships. Everyone selects business partners carefully, trying not to hazard reputation and money. The larger a company becomes, the faster its affiliate network extends. Sooner or later a need of its systematization and organization arises.
Why Bitrix?
If you’ll search on the Internet pros and cons of CMS, you find a huge number of articles. Testimonial (written by the marketing department, or evangelists) and crushing (often written by programmers who’s had to make one or two projects in unfamiliar system).
The rapid mobile applications development
Modern mobile devices have great capacity and capabilities due to permanent development of hardware and software resources. Mobile devices run on different software platforms. The most popular platforms are Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone.
The "Composite site" technology and the experience of it's implementation
The speed of work, along with functionality and convenience, is one of the key indicators by which users can evaluate the website.