12 in 1: all work tools under the same roof

Are you familiar with the situation where you need a separate tool for each operating task? When you need to open a corporate instant messenger to communicate with colleagues. Skype for the upcoming video conference. CRM to call a client. And Google documents to update the information. Such work routine, firstly, makes distractions and secondly, it is intricately manageable.

On the scale of small business these tools may be suitable, but with an increase in the number of employees and business processes, there is a need for automation. Bitrix24 integrates 12 working tools for business. Combining all the processes in the same place helps to avoid distractions and to implement control over work processes.

To automate business processes Bitrix24 offers the following tools:

  1. Tool "Buzz" brings to the workflow the simplicity and convenience of a social network.
    Imagine that all the tasks, files updates, colleagues’ messages are displayed as an interactive event tape. Functional Buzz allows you to keep track of all the changes related to the implementation of ongoing projects, to respond to messages, put the mark "I like" and so forth.

  2. Task management.
    Set tasks for subordinates, specify deadlines and schedule certain tasks and projects. In Bitrix24 you can assign work to your employees and control their work. One more advantage of this tool is a task scheduler - Gantt chart. It is a visual representation of the work on each project: it is easy to track what tasks are in progress, which are overdue, and which are termless. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive detailed reports and keep records of employees’ activities.

  3. Corporate instant messenger and business chat.
    Create private and general chats and invite suppliers to join the conversation: they can easily do it without registering on the portal. Download mobile or desktop application and get instant notifications, even if you are away from the office.

  4. Documents Online. No more documents sending between departments and divisions.
    Edit documents in a shared mode. Bitrix24 saves for you all versions of the document. Another nice bonus: thanks to the integration with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online you can open, view and edit files in popular formats online without installing office software packages on the local computer.

  5. Bitrix24.Disk.
    Cloud storage allows your employees to keep information in a single protected working space, edit documents in a shared mode and download them to the local computer if necessary.

  6. Calendars.
    The better employee schedule his time, the great results he can achieve. Work time planner gives an opportunity to combine private tasks and common projects and activities into one calendar grid. Now you do not need to keep in mind all events, briefings and colleagues vacations because you have it all on the calendar.

  7. Bitrix24.Mail is a ready-to-use mail server for your company.
    Create a mailbox for each employee with the @bitrix24 domain or domain of your company and use the email service with an unlimited amount of space, antivirus and anti-spam.

  8. CRM. It is the omnichannel customer relationship management system, which allows you to automate the work of managers.
    This service will help your employees to take into account the preferences of your regular customers, track orders, commercial offer, payments, schedule the communication with the client and have access to the service from anywhere in the world.

  9. Virtual PBX.
    Build friendly relationships with customers using the IP-telephony tool. Your manager will always see who is calling him, and he does not have to specify the name of the customer and order details because the manager will be able to see all this information during the client’s call. IP-telephony is also an excellent way to control: call recording helps to find out how managers communicate with customers and which sales scenarios are the most effective.

  10. Automation of HR and employees involvement.
    Use the visual structure of your organization to engage new employees: a new member of the team will be easier to figure out who is responsible for what. He will be always able to see the personal cards of colleagues, which contain information about the name of the employee, his interests, date of birth and contact. “Badges” is the effective tool for a non-material motivation of employees.

  11. Bitrix24 mobile applications (iOS and Android).
    Keep in touch, work with documents, track the buzz and mark tasks right through your cell phone.

  12. This is a non-exhaustive list of tools that Bitrix24 provides.
    It also allows you to measure the "Pulse of the company", to maintain the work time, to receive reports from 1C, etc.

If you are interested in these tools - you can contact whatAsoft experts who will help you to implement Bitrix24 and integrate it with your company’s business processes.

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Kseniya Trofimchuk

Marketing expert, whatAsoft