Why Bitrix?

whatAsoft possess a large number of technologies (Our competence can be seen in profile). But in most cases we prefer to use Bitrix to develop web projects. In the article, we'll give the grounds for our choice.

If you’ll search on the Internet pros and cons of CMS, you find a huge number of articles. Testimonial (written by the marketing department, or evangelists) and crushing (often written by programmers who’s had to make one or two projects in unfamiliar system). 90% of these articles are about development on one platform or another. But just a few of them have taken into account what is really important — the usability of the site in terms of the administration and from the point of view of the user. We decided to write an unbiased article about cms.

And we start with a review of the advantages of Bitrix from administrator’s perspective. If the site is made on Bitrix and designed according to the specifications (whatAsoft — a certified partner of the Bitrix), the intervention of programmers is not needed in the future. Everything is simple: the product features are being inserted through the administrative section, email templates are being edited visually, fields in forms are easy to add remove (you need to do just five mouse clicks).

These are the opportunities provided by Bitrix:

Take a look at different sites on Bitrix:

But we are not Bitrix marketers or evangelists, so can give chapter and verse about its disadvantages

We have compiled a comparison table Bitrix and other popular cms on key parameters:

Parameters of comparisonBitrixWordpressJoomlaHostCMS
Barriers to entryThe developer must go through certification.Easy for beginners. Developer’s level is determined only by this portfolio.Easy for beginners. Developer’s level is determined only by this portfolio.Rather difficult for beginners. Developer’s level is determined only by this portfolio.
Quality monitoringProjects shall be put through tests. It confirms the accuracy and quality of developmentNoNoNo
The cost of the boxPaidFree. Paid off-the-shelf and frameworks.Free. Paid off-the-shelf and frameworks.Paid
The cost of the developmentAbove the average price for work made by certified developers, an inexpensive price for work made by beginners.InexpensiveDoes somebody use it?Above the average
UnderstandabilityGoodGoodTerribleNot half bad
Exterior solutionsCentralized store with good moderation.Centralized store with good moderation, a great number of sources.A great number of sources.A limited number of contractors.
The speed of development of unique solutionsAverageHighHighAverage
The speed of development of non-unique solutionsAverageAverageSlowSlow
Frequency of resourcing to the developer working with the existing functionalitySeldomSeldomOftenOften
SEO backgroundExcellentExcellentDepends on installed modulesAverage
Import of exterior dataSimpleSimpleDifficultDifficult

Conclusion: Bitrix provides sufficient tools for projects of any level. But it’s not only a tool but also the one who uses it plays a big role.

whatAsoft — we know how.

Valentin Potapov

CIO, whatAsoft