The "Composite site" technology and the experience of it's implementation

The speed of work, along with functionality and convenience, is one of the key indicators by which users can evaluate the website. Fast running site has a high conversion, it is better ranked in the search engines and has a constant and loyal audience. Thus, increasing the speed of the site is one of the key business intensions, especially for those businesses which are aimed at increasing the return on their online resources.

Modern site either online store or even a corporate site is usually a complex product that combines broad functionality, integration with external systems and behavior personalization. Acceleration of this site is rather a complicated challenge. To solve this problem “1C-Bitrix” invented the new technology, which can be used for “1C-Bitrix: website administration”.

The "Composite site" technology combines a set of recommendations, technical solutions and tools, aimed at accelerating the page distribution due to the allocation of special zones, the information in which is loaded as an additional ajax-request. These special areas are called “zones with dynamic content”. The sites with embedded composite technology achieve a combination of static website high speed, and all the possibilities of dynamic websites.

This "Composite site" technology may be used during any project development on the "1C-Bitrix" platform. If you already have a project and your license is active, you can switch to the "Composite site" technology.

But this technology also has some cons:

In conclusion, here are a few statistics we got by implementing the "Composite site":

PageNavigation timing, ms
without the "Composite site" technologywith the "Composite site" technology

The time is defined for pages with cached components.

Alexey Vahnyak

CSO, whatAsoft