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whatAsoft is a company, founded by friends. By the best friends of yours, your brand, site and promo. We are a team of professionals, who have come together in 2015. Our SEO experts moved over 2000 keywords to the top of different search engines and marketers created and implemented more than 40 ad campaigns.

Yes, it’s not too much yet. But each of our employees has tens and hundreds of solved problems and an impressive portfolio. In our collaboration we prefer highest quality and continuous self-development. That’s why we are glad to work with such time-consuming tasks as BigData, Data mining and Computer vision. Our work is based on well-tried technological processes, so that our projects are of excellent quality and are performed on time.

Quality software and skillful promotion are important steps on your way to success and popularity. Your company deserves to be known.


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ValentinChief Information Officer
AlexeyСhief Strategy Officer
ArtyomChief Layout Designer
MarinaChief Technology Officer
AlexanderSenior Web-Developer

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