Affiliate network 1C-Bitrix

It is no secret that the entire business is built on relationships. Everyone selects business partners carefully, trying not to hazard reputation and money. The larger a company becomes, the faster its affiliate network extends. Sooner or later a need of its systematization and organization arises. This article is about affiliate network organization using "1C-Bitrix".

In 2007 "1C" and "Bitrix" companies announced the creation of a joint venture company "1C-Bitrix" in equal shares. "1C" and "Bitrix" were founded in 1191 and 1998 respectively. The main products of the "1C-Bitrix" are 1C-Bitrix «Site Manager» CMS and 1C-Bitirx «Corporate Portal" CRM. According to the iTrack ratings, Bitrix CMS ranks 3rd in the general ranking and 1st in the ranking of paid-circulation CMS by the June 2015.

Nowadays the company has a wide range of collaborating programming shops, count of 2411 companies from 13 countries. Such a big quantity of partners required a systemic approach to the management. The first step in becoming a partner is a registration on a website and a contract signature. This done you become a "Business partner". That means that you can buy company's products with a special discount, enjoy support with the highest priority, and get a free license for your own website and an opportunity to receive bids on the "1C-Bitrix website development.

There are no requirements specified to "Business partners". Such companies can work without their own developers, fall back upon freelancer's help. If you are choosing a developer for the purpose of your project implementation, you'd better think twice choosing the "Business partner". The only advantage is their low service price. But big and going forward companies are trying to big up their status that signifies their experience and qualification.

Each partner is under different circumstances. There is a rating system in an affiliate network. Companies are ranked by score. Points are given for added to portfolio projects, using advanced technologies, passed projects by quality program etc. Moreover, partner needs to possess proper knowledge and skills confirmed by "1C-Bitrix". Each partner can become the participant of the implementation quality program and certification program.

Certification Program is a status achievement, reflecting the degree of competence of the partner company in issues of sales, development and implementation of Internet solutions on the products of "1C-Bitrix".

There are two statuses in the program:

Any company can be a certified partner in case it has 100 points and enough quantity of certified specialists.

Certified partner should possess the following skills and knowledge:

The status of "Certified Partner" is a good confirmation of skills and knowledge of company's experts. but there is the highest level of the certification program and it is the "Gold Certified Partner" status. To reach this status you need to:

As you can see, Gold certified partner status is assigned to the companies, with an extensive experience in web projects development, including complex software systems based on "1C-Bitrix" projects. Just highly qualified specialists, whose competence are confirmed by "1C-Bitrix, work in such companies. Generally, Gold certified partners set higher price providing high performance.

There are 541 Gold Certified partners among all 2411 partners

Choosing a contractor for your project, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Performer's qualification and experience;
  2. Portfolio and the presence of similar projects in it;
  3. The total employment period and its customer base;
  4. Technologies used by the Executive;
  5. Compliance with deadlines.

Status of "Gold Certified Partner" allows you to draw a conclusion about the qualifications and experience of the contractor. To find answers to other questions you’ll need to contact with company representatives.

Alexey Vahnyak

CSO, whatAsoft